Vision of Technology in District 76:  

“To enhance learning opportunities for students and staff, anytime and anywhere. The use of technology will promote achievement through engagement, creativity and higher order thinking skills so that our students are prepared for current real world demands. Technology will enable connections between the community and the District by providing real time, transparent communications.”

Project Milestones:

    Things You Need to Know!

    Your 1:1 Project Team & Sub-Team Assignments:

    Current Team Members:
    Akie Baba
    Amanda Miszczyszyn
    Bill Spakowski
    Chris Willeford
    Colette Ford
    Juliane Fredricks
    Elva Garcia
    Steve Juracka
    Katie Levy
    Sara Miller
    Erin Mitsdarffer
    Kurt Preble
    Laura Rogers
    Laura Vladika

    Sub-Team Members:

    Communications Team 
    Chris W. (TL), Bill S., Elva G., Akie B.

    Purchase & Finance Team
     Bill S. (TL), Colette F.

    Technology Team
     Bill S. (TL), Elva G.

    Instructional Technology Team
    Steve J. (TL)Akie B.,  Amanda M., Laura R., Katie L., Sara M., Chris W., Erin M., Bill S.

    Evaluation/Assessment Team
     Laura R. (TL), Amanda M., Laura V., Kurt P.


    In the News: