New Registration Process for the 2018-2019 School Year


1. On-line Registration through INFOSNAP
(NEW Students - bring official birth certificate, parent/guardian state id, and forms below to the office)

2. On-site Residency Check (See below for residency guidelines)
 Office open:
Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

3. Payment - pay in person or on-line through PushCoin

Residency Guidelines

The new residency requirements allow the school district to assess student residence status before enrollment occurs and to prepare for residence disputes, in the event they arise.

This year, each family is required to complete the General Residency Form 1prior to enrolling a student in Prairie Grove Consolidated School District 46. In addition to the General Residency Form 1, parents/guardians may be required to complete additional forms should the family situation be applicable.

Situation #1

Families sharing a residence in a home owned or rented by a third person are required to complete:    

  • Form 2(a) (LINKproperty owner/legal renter needs to complete and provide residency paperwork. Property owner/legal renter must appear in person, provide State of Illinois identification (with photo), and sign this form in the presence of a District staff member.
  • Form 2(b) (LINKperson enrolling student needs to complete this form. This form must be signed in the presence of a District staff member.

Situation #2

Lack of a fixed, regular adequate residency are required to complete:

  • Form 3 (LINKlegal guardian complete when a student is living apart from his/her parent/legal guardian (sometimes referred to as a “third party residency” or “custody and control” situation). For residency in this case, “legal guardian” is a court-appointed custody holder and is different from a person with “legal custody” under Illinois law.

Situation #3

Divorced or Separated Parents are required to:

  • Form 4 (LINK) is completed by each parent.
  • Provide a copy of their judge approved Joint Parenting Agreement or other documentation related to custody.

Documents for Residency Check:
Category A (ONE document from Category A required)
  • Real estate tax bill
  • Signed lease
  • Mortgage document or payment
  • Military housing letter
  • Section 8 letter

Category B (TWO documents from Category B required)
  • Gas bill
  • Electric bill
  • Water/sewer bill
  • Phone bill (not mobile phone)
  • Cable bill
  • Vehicle registration
  • Bank statement
  • Public aid card
  • Medicaid card
  • Food stamp card
  • Credit card statement
  • Paycheck stub
  • City sticker receipt 

Registration Fees must be paid in order to complete Registration 

Required Registration Fees by grade: 
 Pre/K Registration Fee $90.00
 Elementary K-5 Registration Fee $120.50
 Jr. High 6-8 Registration Fee $151.00

Additional Fees (based on grade):
 Band (Grades 4-7) $47.00
 Gym Uniforms (Grades 6-8) 
        - Gym Shirt $5.50
        - Gym Shorts $10.00
 8th Grade Graduation Gown $20.50

Medical Information:
  • Kindergarten - Physical, dental, and eye exams required
  • Second Grade - Dental exam required
  • Sixth Grade - Physical and dental exams required
  • Seventh and Eighth Grade - Sports physicals required before tryouts
  • Out of State Students - Physical, dental and eye exams required

Please click below for Detailed Registration Information for the following groups: 

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