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Fishing in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

Camping in Michigan.

Grandma's Pool

Lookout Studio, Mary Jane Colter, Grand Canyon South Rim

Our family trip to the Grand Canyon.  I was excited to learn of a female architect who designed during the early 1900s.  Please click on the link to learn about her and this building.

I'm so excited to start my seventeenth year here at Prairie Grove.  You can find my classroom in the 7th-grade hall.

Just a bit about me....I graduated from Iowa State University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design.  After working in the field for numerous years and being a designer in Chicago for four years I left the long commute to start a family and my own design firm.  I was designing and substitute teaching in Johnsburg when I decided that my true passion was teaching art to kids.  In 2004 I received a Masters of Science in Art Education from Northern Illinois University.  I have been at Prairie Grove since and I enjoy the quiet drive from Johnsburg where I live with my husband, two daughters, and one lab. 

I am so excited to start this new school year.   Students will be having art for 6 or 12 weeks (1 trimester). The 6th Graders (6 weeks) will be learning about a variety of mediums, styles, and artists.  7th and 8th Graders had the opportunity to select between four specialized art medias last year.  7th Grade could choose between Architecture, Printmaking/Fiber Arts, Drawing or Painting.  8th Grade chose between Architecture, 3D/Sculpture, Drawing or Painting.  I'm really excited to use past projects that the students have enjoyed and to develop more new ones.

It's great to work with PG students and I am eager to see the amazing work and creative solutions they come up with this year.

If you click on the grade level you are interested in you will see information for that class.  You may also see some interesting artwork.

I hope everyone has an inspiring year.

If you have any questions please contact me at

                                                                       Camping on Green Bay.


                                                           DeYoung Family Zoo- Michigan

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