Hello!  Welcome to Room 107


The goals set will attempt to provide the kind of environment and experiences that allow your child to:

- build self-esteem

- create a desire to learn

- learn basic fundamental skills

- promote student responsibility

- develop security and a feeling of success

- develop self-expression, self-control, creativity, problem                     

   solving skills, independence, and self-sufficiency, as well

   as a positive self-image and sense of competency

- develop respect for each other and an understanding of 

   individual rights

The most important goal of Kindergarten is to provide a positive experience in the adventure of learning.  Social skills are important; children need to work together with other personalities.  In Kindergarten we have time for large and small group activities, independent work, special projects, centers and snack. 

Please ensure that your child's snack is labeled as "snack" and separate from your child's lunch.  It is important that you always place your child's snack in the main compartment of your child's backpack.  Please send only one item for snack that does not need to be refrigerated and that can be opened independently by your child without any assistance.  As always, please be respectful of our friends with allergies.  All snacks must be free of peanuts, nut products, and nut oils due to allergy concerns.

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