Spella's Spotlight                                2019-2020                                             School Year     Welcome to 
  K-6 General Music Classes 
     and Junior High Choir 
       with Mrs. Corey Spella!


2019-2020 Music 

Classes with Mrs. Spella: 

K-6 General Music Classes
Junior High Choir Classes


Side Lines

Tips for This Trimester:

Arriving Prepared for Junior High Classes:

Have a way to file all of your music handouts, homework, and projects in a folder or binder, or section  just for music.

Bring pens/pencils to write with and paper to write on.  Consider a music notebook to keep your ideas and notes organized.

Always bring your assignment notebook to remind you of important music dates and deadlines.

Fun for ALL

The surest way to have fun is to come to class ready for new experiences.  Embrace a new opportunity to discover a talent or interest that you may never knew you had!

Be ready to use your strengths to help someone you haven't had a chance to work with before.  Also, be willing to ask for  help when you need it; this way, others (especially Mrs. Spella) can help you to do your best.

Finally, keep in mind that it's easiest to explore new things when everyone feels comfortable to ask questions and share ideas.  Be sure to do your very best to  ROAR so we can ALL enjoy our time together in music class!