Chemistry Games, Sites, Tutorials

Listed are sites that may be useful in helping students study. Additions will be made as the year progresses. 

Added 2014:

More balancing equations: Click here.

Types of Chemical Reactions: Click here.

Practice naming compound formulas; click here.

Practice writing and naming compounds, click HERE.

Explanation of Ionic and Covalent Bonding Youtube.

Added 2013:

Balancing Equations game website.
Balancing Equations game 2 website.

BrainPOP has several short movies about atoms, ions, bonding and chemical reaction. It would be a great review of practices students could use for review or clarification. Click on the word BrainPOP.

The  site below will help students with naming ionic and covalent compounds. Just click on:

Added 2012:

Proton Don: Students learn elements by clicking on symbol in periodic table.

Build an Atom: Students go through four levels of building an atom, learning, the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons, ions, atomic mass number, symbol, and energy level electron arrangement.

You Tube tutorial on writing ionic compounds.

This site will give students practice with writing a compound formula.

Another site to help write chemical formulas online.

Third site for writing chemical compound formula

Name elements on the periodic table.

Fun-brain symbols and atomic numbers on the periodic table.

Finding elements symbols from names.

The following link is for Elements Compounds and Mixtures

Below are some links for games involving the titled chemistry skills.

Web Sites

Sites for Fermilab activities, click on the link.