2012-13 DISHS School Improvement Action Plan

Improve Student Learning

 Goal #1:
At least 95% of each 9th grade class will graduate with a diploma within four-plus years and the annual dropout rate will be less than 1%.
 Goal #2:
All graduates will earn a proficiency-based diploma by demonstrating proficiency in the School-wide Academic Expectations (beginning with the Class of 2013) as well as content-specific learning outcomes (beginning with the Class of 2018).
 Goal #3:
All students are prepared for college and careers in the 21st century by demonstrating reading, writing, and math skills at or above their grade level and by making at least a year's growth in a year's time.

Raise student aspirations so that all students are engaged in learning and planning fulfilling post-secondary pursuits.
Identify and utilize new means of engaging parents and the community in support of student learning and to raise student aspirations.
Maintain Professional Learning Communities that allow teachers to work collaboratively to examine student work, data, and discuss teaching practices in order to improve student learning, with a focus on strengthening the work of K-12 PLCs.
Increase the personalization and authenticity of learning opportunities in order to engage students.
Implement Year 3 of a three-year curriculum development process which will result in a challenging and engaging course of study for each student.
Continue developing and implementing a proficiency-based (standards-based) diploma including a Graduation Portfolio, coursework, a Senior Exhibition, and Personalized Learning Plans. Improve literacy and math support in all content areas so that students can master the basic skills needed for post-secondary education and careers. Design and implement a system of supports and interventions which allows all students to access the help that they need to earn a diploma.
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