Deer Isle-Stonington High School is proud to be accreditated by NEASC.  

In March of 2010, Deer Isle-Stonington High School received its continuing accreditation for the next ten years from NEASC's Commission on Pubic Secondary Schools.  The notification of continuing accreditation represented the conclusion of a two year process that also included creating school-wide expectations, writing a self-study, and hosting a visiting team.  While accreditation is required to meet the demands of several external institutions, it is primarily a reflective process for our school community to see how well we are meeting the needs of our students and to identify what steps we might want to take to make our educational practices more effective.

DISHS is now in the follow-up phase of the accreditation process and must submit progress reports in February 2011, October 2011, January 2013, and March of 2014 to address the specific recommendations of both the Visiting Team and the Commission on Public Secondary Schools.

What is the Meaning and Value of Accreditation?

The accreditation process gets at the systems, processes, and support that are necessary to address teaching and learning needs in... schools. Accreditation assures students, parents, and the community that teaching and learning and the support of teaching and learning are the priorities of the school and its school improvement efforts.”  

                                                                    — Pamela Gray-Bennett, Ed.D., former Executive Director of CPSS

What Standards are Used To Accredit Public Secondary Schools?

When DISHS was reaccredited in 2010, it was assessed on its adherence to the 2005 CPSS Standards for Accreditation.  The CPSS has recently adopted new standards that will take effect in 2011, meaning that DISHS's next reaccreditation will be based on the new 2011 Standards for Accreditation.