SPQReL (pronounced as "Sparkle") is a joint team for service robot competitions.

The team is applying for the RoboCup@Home Social Standard Platform League 2017 and is also participating to the European Robotics League Service Robots.

The team is formed by two research groups:
SPQReL stems from the pseudo-Latin term "Socialis robot PopulusQue Romanus et Lindensis" that can be translated as "Social robot and people from Rome and Lincoln", referring to the Roman city of Lindum (which is now Lincoln).

Team members

Team leader

Lincoln Local team leader

Scientific Advisory Board
Prof. Luca Iocchi (Sapienza) 
Dr. Marc Hanheide (Lincoln) 
Prof. Daniele Nardi (Sapienza) 

The SPQReL team aims at participating for the first time as a joint team in the RoboCup@Home Social Standard Platform League.
Nevertheless, the team will substantially benefit from the experiences in participating to RoboCup competitions of the group at Sapienza since 1998, as in RoboCup Soccer with the SPQR teamRoboCup@Work with the SPQR@Work team and a participation at RoboCup@Home 2006 as members of the RoboCare team, and the experience of Dr. Marc Hanheide as a team leader in RoboCup@Home 2009 (Team ToBI).