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This is a workshop focusing on Cloud and Web Development, using primarily - but not exclusively - Google tools and technologies. These include Android (Google Phone), Chrome and Chrome OS, Google Maps, YouTube API, Google Visualization API, Google AppEngine, Social networks, Google TV and more.

Students will group in teams of 4 students. Each group will come up with a project for the workshop. Project will include designing and developing a live web system.

The course will include several frontal lectures going over the technologies, and the rest of the workshop will include project reviews (initial project presentation, design and workplan review, several iterations of project demos and finally a complete project presentation). Each group will also maintain a web page with project documentation and design documents.

While applications from all the academic fields will be carefully considered  we especially invite applications from students from ALL universities of Rome at the end of the first level degree or at the beginning of the master degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. 
See also workshop requirements for prerequisites for admission to the workshop.

All students  will be graded at the end of the workshop. Participation in the workshop will qualify for 3 CFU academic credits or for final project of first level degree upon request from the academic schools. 

The meetings 1 - 4 will be held at DIAG, Via Ariosto 25, Aula Magna, 1st floor. 


+ Meeting 1, Wednesday, December 9 
                  (by Yossi Matias and Misha Seltzer)

      09:45   Experience from last year workshop
                  (Student presentation of projects developed in the 2014/2015 edition) 
      11:00   How to build an application that does not suck               
                  Basics of Cloud and Web development 
                  (by Andrea Vitaletti)          
     14:00  Mentor presentations 

     16:00  The path to a successful startup 
                 (by Marco Trombetti)

+ Meeting 2, Thursday, December 10 
     09:00  App Engine 
                Google API 
                (by Davide La Manna and Andrea Vitaletti)
                (by Gavri Smith)
     11:30  Startup success stories       
     14:00 Student presentations of individual ideas and team building          
               Please, take a look at How to choose a good project 

+ Meeting 3, Friday, December 11
        09:00 Intro to Android
                  (by Franscesco Ficarola)
       10:00 UI/UX Lecture 
                  (by Emanuele Panizzi)

       12:00 Validation of project ideas through user involvement 
                  (by Andrea Vitaletti)
       14:00 Team meetings

+ Meeting 4, Tuesday, December 15 
       09:00 Team presentations of preliminary ideas of projects
+ Sunday, December 20
                - Teams communicate their projects 

+ Tuesday, December 22
                - Team- mentor matching

 + Meeting 5, Friday, January 18, Room B 203, Via Ariosto 25
        10:00 Milestone 1 - Proof of Concept

 + Meeting 6, Wednesday, February 18, Aula Magna, Via Ariosto 25
         14:00 Milestone 2 - Release Candidate

 + Meeting 7, Friday, March 18, 11:30 am, Room N12, Codemotion, Università di Roma Tre. 
                - Final presentation (Milestone 3, Public live BETA)


  • Giuseppe Italiano, Università di Tor Vergata
  • Stefano Leonardi, Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
  • Paolo Merialdo, Università di Roma Tre
  • Emanuele Panizzi, Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
  • Andrea Vitaletti, Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
Contact email:  gcw@dis.uniroma1.it

Tel-Aviv Advisors:

  • Yossi Matias (Google Tel-Aviv) 
  • Shir Landau-Febish (Tel-Aviv University)
  • Misha Seltzer (Google Tel-Aviv)
  • Gavri Smith (Google Tel-Aviv)
Mentors (Tentative list):
  • Matteo Anelli (NTT Data)
  • Carlos Castillo (Sapienza)
  • Tommaso Empler (Sapienza)
  • Gianluca Granero (Memopal)
  • Guido Giordano (Working Capital)
  • Fabio Lalli (Iquii)
  • Mario Lanzillotta (Xpeppers) 
  • Roberto Macina (Qurami) 
  • Emanuele Panizzi (Sapienza)
  • Stefano Puglia (Nexse)
  • Luca Rossi (Waderio) 
  • Marco Trombetti (Pi Campus)
  • Andrea Vitaletti (Sapienza)

Google group - please sign up (you need to apply to join) and use it to find teams.

For references, 

2014/2015 first Rome edition  

Previous editions held at the School of Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University: