Several M.Sc theses are available under my supervision. Theses can be oriented towards research, towards realization and/or towards applications. Thesis can concern several areas of CS and AI, including the following:

  • Reasoning about Actions, including work on interpreters for Golog/ConGolog High Level Programming Language based on Situation Calculus
  • Automated Planning, including Planning in full PDDL First-order Domains and planning techniques based on synthesis
  • Ontology-Based Data Access and Description Logics, including real ontology analysis and development, techniques for meta-modeling and meta-queuing, connection with RDFs and SPARQL
  • Linear-time Temporal Logics on Finite Traces, including verification and synthesis for variants of LTLf and LDLf based on DFA automata manipulation
  • Data-Aware Processes, including modeling and analysis of artifact-centric processes, including the analysis of real processes 
  • Efficient First-order Reasoning Based on Evaluation, including reasoners for Levesque's Proper KBs 
  • Service Composition synthesis and Open APIs, including application in actual IoT cases, and extension of the Roman Model 
  • Smart Objects and Smart Environments, in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Design at Sapienza, Master of Science in Product Design
Also of interest:
  • Clean prototype implementations of research-based algorithms and techniques in Python, Java, Prolog or other languages
  • Experimentation of research techniques in actual use cases 
  • Exploration of advanced technologies, such as IBM Watson open API
If interested in knowing more contact me and ask for an appointment.

General information

A M.Sc thesis requires around 6 months of work fulltime and is ment ot offer the possibility for the student to demonstrate their knowledge and their ability to deepen and apply that knowledge independently in a specific context. The thesis grade ranges form 3 to 8 points. In order to apply for 7 or 8 points appart form the approval of the supervisor a co-supervisor (controrelatore) must assess the thesis work (at least 15 days before the graduation session). a second supervisor. To Graduate with honours (110 e lode) a sum total of 113 points is needed.

For more details, please go to the M.Sc. in Engineering in Computer Science and M.Sc. in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics site.