Short Bio: I am an artificial intelligence enthusiast. I attended the bachelor course in "Computer Engineering" at the Third University of Rome. After one year of stop from the studies, during which I worked as computer consultant, I started the master course in 'Artificial Intelligence and Robotics' at University of Rome 'La Sapienza'. Originally, I focused on machine learning solutions for computer vision problems and within this context, I was part of a student exchange program. I developed part of my master thesis in Japan, at Tohoku University in Sendai focusing on automotive. Specifically, we developed an autonomous car able to navigate in complex uurban environments. Indeed, my master thesis is about the automatic detection and classification of traffic signs and vehicle localization problem. Within this context, I released a new dataset for computer vision benchmarks and I published my very first paper at an international conference.
After, I started working in the accademia as a researcher at 
the 'Department of Computer, Control and Management, Antonio Ruberti' in 'Sapienza University of Rome'.
In this period, I have been teacher assistant for a bachelor course on robots programming and for a Master course in AI. Moreover, I was part of the S.P.Q.R. team, a robotic soccer team of biped robots since from 2015 to 2016. Since October 2016 I am working at the National Research Council under the supervision of Vito Trianni, PhD. A month later I enrolled in the  PhD program at Sapienza University.

Today my main interests are: Multi-Agent Systems, Swarm Robotics and Dynamic Task Allocation.

Personal Bio: 10 August 1988, Terni (Italy). I grew up in Civita Castellana, a small town near Rome.

Work Experience:
  • University of Southern Californa, Los Angeles, California - May 2018 to October 2018 - PhD Visiting Student under the supervision of professor Nora Ayanian.

  • National Research Council of Italy (CNR) - Researcher. Rome, Italy, Oct 2016 - Today. Member of the S.A.G.A. project, namely swarm Robotics for Agricultural Applications.

  • Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan - Late 2015. Visiting Student under the supervision of professor Satoshi Tadokoro

  • Sapienza University of Rome - Researcher. Rome, Italy, Feb 2016 to Sep 2016. Researcher at Lab. Ro.Co.Co. under the supervision of professor Daniele Nardi.
  • Asset Data s.r.l. - IT Consultant. Rome, Italy, Sep 2011 to Dec 2012Software developer for web applications.
  • Lucia PhD School on "AI and Robotics" - Summer School Lisbon, Portugal, Sep 2017
  • Sapienza university of Rome - PhD Student. Rome, Italy, Nov 2016 – Today. PhD Student under the supervision of Daniele Nardi and Vito Trianni
  • Sapienza university of Rome - Master Student Rome, Italy, A.Y. 2012 – 2015. Master in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Final grade 110/110
  • Third university of Rome "Roma Tre" - Bachelor Student Rome, Italy, A.Y. 2008 – 2012 Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering.

Personal interests: Tabletop gamer (in the German way). Beginner Skateboarder, Crossfit(ter), ex-Volleyball lover (although some "missing" bones). I love photography, an heritage of my mother. I love shooting pictures of urban environments as well as natural landscapes.

ISTC-CNR http://www.istc.cnr.it
Via San Martino della Battaglia 44, 00185 Rome (Italy)

Phone: (+39) 06 44595 341

DIAG LabRoCoCo http://www.diag.uniroma1.it/~labrococo/?q=node/6
Via Ariosto 25, 00185 Rome (Italy)


Useful Links:

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