Google Science Fair

Twenty four projects were exhibited out of which steam power generator, pressure pad generator, weight lifting Robot, Solar Energy, production of bio fuel, Wind Mill, Traffic rules, collection of different leaves, flower petals & seeds, Water Pollution, Volcanic eruption, Environmental Pollution, Water Cycle, GSM based ship, Digital Blind stick, DNA Extraction from Banana, tilapia fish skin to heal the burn, making gypsam from fly ash, making of drone, create a magnifying glass, types of houses, Improve Irrigation process by using Hydrogel, Bad affects of Smoking, Colour of Light, Magic of Magnet, power of sound, mystery of Chemistry, variety uses of unused things by recycling, Green City, global warming, eclipse of the sun and moon related with ecology and environment, science and technology, geophysics and astrophysics were very much appreciated by all. The students beautifully exhibited the theme and objectives through their project works.

Google Science Fair

Last year, DIS senior students submitted 3 Projects: Team 1: Intelligent Security Alarm (ISA)Team 2: Automated Urbanized Irrigation System (AUIS) & Team 3:  Protect Your Clothes from Sudden Rain) have just received Google certificates. 


Team 1: Intelligent Security Alarm (ISA)

                Member 1: Diash Khan-              Grade 8

                Member 2: Rehnuma Apshara- Grade 7

YouTube Video


Team 2: Automated Urbanized Irrigation System (AUIS)

               Member: Foyez Mohammed- Gdare 9

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Team 3:  Protect Your Clothes from Sudden Rain

                 Member 1: Minhazul Alam Khan- Grade 7

                 Member 2: Mehedi Hasan-            Grade 7  

                 Member 3: Rumaiya Alam             Grade 7  

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