Why Should I Choose Southern Cape Title?

                                   "A Perfect History"

There are few titles, if any, that have a perfect history from their source, or roots to the present day. Each transfer of ownership is a “link” in what is referred to as the “chain of title”. As each transaction or link takes place, there is a potential for a problem. Even if the entire chain of title appears to be in order, the chain is still subject to interpretation. When searching a title, a title insurer is trying to determine the various rights and interests that make up each link in the chain as it has passed from one owner to another.

“Why Choose Us”

When you purchased or refinanced your property, did anyone explain that you have the right to choose a title insurance agent? Did the title insurance agent that you employed take the time to explain the importance of title insurance and what protections it provides you? When you choose Southern Cape Title Agency, you gain a partner committed to providing essential information and guidance throughout the real estate transaction process.

"Our Philosophy"

We believe that providing information and guidance to consumers and real estate professionals will empower them to make informed decisions in choosing the right title insurance agency.