Functional training - done with every day life in mind

One on One Training - Individualized personal training to meet your goals
Partner Training - Train with a family member, friend or co-worker provides additional accountability, motivation and at a reduced cost
Group Training -  Very affordable way to train - small group sessions (3-8 people) that are great fun and the energy that comes from these groups is awesome

FREE TRX Intro to all New Clients

One-on-One Training (50-55 min)
1-9 Sessions        $65/session
10-19 Sessions    $63/session

Partner Training
$80/session ($40.00 ea)

Senior Group Training (fixed income)
10 Sessions $70

** Sales tax applies to personal/group training

Group Training Monthly Packages
(Train up to 3x/week - Groups Only)
1 Month        $145/month
3 Months      $420

Mobility & Flexibility Session $65 
Recommended for all new clients

Group Training Per-Session Package
Drop-in            $20/each
5 Sessions      $80  ($16/session)
10 Sessions    $155 ($15.50/session)
20 Sessions    $270 ($13.50/session)

TRX Intro Session 
Free to all New Clients