Start Today to Change Tomorrow – It Really Can Be That Easy

Have you been doing all the right things: eating right, working out and still not seeing results?   Obviously the results you want are to look and feel great.  The way you achieve this is through increased muscle mass and decreased body fat along with a healthy cardiovascular system. 

So what is between you and success?  For me it was not knowing exactly what I needed to do to achieve the results I wanted.  Then I discovered the power of a personal trainer - someone who has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. 

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Is it true that women who lift weights will get bulky?
Women do not have enough natural testosterone to build large muscles; you will only get leaner and firmer. Weight lifting is a very important part of to any fitness program, your body will be firm, well sculpted and can be self defense against osteoporosis. 

If I do crunches will I get washboard abs?
To get washboard abs you must rid your mid-section fat, crunches will develop the abdominal muscles under neath but you won't see them unless the fat is gone. Crunches can be performed all day long but unless nutrition is right on the fat will remain around the mid-section.

Weight machines are safer than free weights?
Weight machines have you moving in one plane of motion. By moving in the one plane this can assist our bodies to keep proper form but you can still get injured if you are not  using the machine properly. Our bodies have compensations and by using the weight machines we are not asking our bodies to work together, we are isolating the muscles. By using free weights we can identify our weak side or areas of our body that are compensating. In every day life our bodies move in 3 planes of motion, sagittal, frontal and transverse. If we do not train our bodies in these planes of motion when we are asking our bodies to move while gardening, playing with kids, sports, etc., this is when injury happens.

If I didn't exercise when I was younger, is it  to late to start?
It is never too late to start exercising or become active.  Exercising can help reduce the risk of bone and muscle disease and can enhance daily activities.