** During construction, access to local businesses will be maintained using a signed detour route and through the use of alternate routes **
The MTO completed a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) in September 2008 that documents the Preliminary Design for Improvements to Highway 401 in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent from Essex Road 42 to the Elgin County Road Boundary, including the Highway 401/Highway 40 Interchange and the realignment of Pinehurst Line to the north, to connect Highway 40 to Boundary Line. Environmental Assessment (EA) Clearance was received February 2, 2009. The TESR states full access to the Highway 401/40 interchange would be maintained during construction. 

However, in 2013 the MTO completed an Addendum to the TESR when it was determined it was not feasible to keep the interchange open during construction due to safety and construction challenges.  The EA approved design includes temporary closure of Highway 40 at the interchange and all interchange ramps for a maximum of 10 months.

The TESR and TESR Addendum are available to download under the "Public Notices & Downloads" tab.

This project was initiated as a Group B Project. The Preliminary Design phase reviewed all alternatives and evaluated them on engineering and environmental criteria. The preferred design was documented in the 2009 TESR and 2013 TESR Addendum. Environmental clearance to proceed to Detailed Design was received in 2013. 

The current Detailed Design study builds on the 2013 approved plan to further develop and refine engineering and environmental components of the project. Consultation will continue throughout this study. The final design will be documented in a Design and Construction Report (DCR) and will be available for public review.