** During construction, access to local businesses will be maintained using a signed detour route and through the use of alternate routes **
Highway 40 Detour Route

Detour routes were discussed during the preliminary design study and made available for public review and comment. The detour routes will be established prior to the closure of Highway 40 and will remain in place for the duration of the Highway 40 closure. 

The current design study will determine the nature and extent of improvements necessary to ensure the routes selected meet all necessary standards. Options for minimizing the duration of the Highway 40 interchange and ramp closures are being considered and will be presented at a Public Information Centre later in 2014. Approval of the detour route is required by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent prior to construction. 

Ridge Landfill Truck Route

The Ridge Landfill is located south of the Highway 401/40 interchange. The Municipality approved truck route currently requires truck traffic destined for the landfill to exit Highway 401 at the Highway 40 interchange and proceed to the landfill via Highway 40, Drury Line and Erieau Road. 

During the 10 month closure of the interchange, the landfill truck traffic will be temporarily re-routed to exit Highway 401 at the Bloomfield Road interchange and proceed to the landfill via Middle Line and Erieau Road. A by-law exemption will be obtained from the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to accommodate the temporary change. 

This route has been discussed with the owner of the Landfill, the municipality and the Ministry of the Environment. All parties agree with the proposed temporary truck route. When construction is complete truck traffic for the landfill will return to using the Highway 40 interchange and municipality required truck route to access the landfill.