Construction Updates will be posted here as the project proceeds. Please check back often for up to date information. 

The project will improve the operational and capacity needs of this section of Highway 401 and Highway 40 and will accommodate the future widening of Highway 401 to eight lanes. 

This includes the following:

  • Reconfiguration of the interchange, including replacement of the Highway 40 bridge over Highway 401
  • Replacement/rehabilitation of three structures in the interchange area, which includes those over McGregor Creek and Lucas Drain
  • A temporary full closure of Highway 40 at the interchange and all interchange ramps for a maximum of 8 months.
  • A local roads detour will be in place during the temporary closure
  • Realignment of Pinehurst Line
  • Reconstruction of approximately 9 km of the eastbound lanes of Highway 401 from east of Bloomfield Road to west of Kent Bridge Road.  One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained on Highway 401

The anticipated work in 2017 will be as follows:

  • Installation and activation of temporary traffic signals and associated pavement markings at Bloomfield Road Interchange
  • Rehabilitation of Hwy 401 eastbound lanes between Charing Cross and   Mull Road
  • Reconstruction of Hwy 40
  • Complete rehabilitation of Highway 401 eastbound and westbound lane Lucas Drain Bridges
  • Complete reconstruction of Highway 40 underpass structure, interchange ramps and Highway 40 McGregor Creek structure
  • Construction of Highway 40 Lucas Drain Bridge
  • Removal of median crossovers
  • Removal of temporary traffic signals and asphalt sidewalks/refuge areas at Bloomfield Road interchange

Construction Activities for the Week of November 29th to 
December 8th, 2017 or Sooner 

  • Hwy 40 Interchange & Hwy 40 – closed to all traffic – shouldering, granular sealing, line painting
  • Hwy 401 Eastbound Lanes–Both lanes open to traffic
  • Hwy 401 Westbound Lanes – Traffic in single lane configuration in passing lane for removal of widening, shouldering, granular sealing
  • All other works - complete

Current Lane Closures/Notices

    Hwy 40 

  • Hwy 40  
    • Hwy 40 interchange fully open to traffic by end of business day November 29, 2017

    Hwy 401
  • Hwy 401
    • Westbound lanes are fully open to traffic

    • -        Eastbound traffic is in single lane configuration in the passing lane for the removal of the widenings, shouldering, granular sealing until December 8, 2017 (or sooner)

    Bloomfield Road
  • Bloomfield Road Interchange 
    • Temporary traffic signals will be deactivated and removed on Thursday, November 30, 2017.  Stop Signs and Stop bars will be reinstated on the ramps.  Bloomfield Road will resume as uninterrupted through traffic.

NOTE: By December 8, 2017 all lanes will be open to traffic and the Contractor will be off the highway.  Maintenance operations return to the Maintenance Contractor.