Elementary Counselor's Corner

April is Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Month, a time to act collectively to raise awareness and empower people across the nation to play a role in helping children.

Everyone can play a role in supporting families in order to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Examples of Child Abuse: Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse, & Trafficking

Examples Neglect: Neglectful Supervision, Medical Neglect, Physical Neglect, Abandonment and Refusal to Accept Parent Responsibility

If you find the need to report Child Abuse

Call the Texas Abuse Hotline at: 1-800-252-5400

Questions that you will answer to the best of your knowledge: (Child Abuse Reports may be reported anonymously)

· What is the child's name, age and address?

· What is your relationship to the child?

· What is the suspected abuser's name, address, and license plate number? What is his or her relationship to the child?

· What are the names, addresses and phone numbers of the child's parents?

· What type of abuse do you suspect? What are your reasons for suspecting it? When did it occur?

· What is the current location of the child?

· What is the child's current level of safety?

· Are there other witnesses? What are their names, addresses and telephone numbers?

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