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Lists Basics

In addition to tags, and better than folders, "List" is a great way to organize, share and display specific collections of bookmarks. Once you add bookmarks to your list, you can easily drag and drop items to arrange the order in any sequence that you'd like to present. Best of all,  once you create a list, when you   
click the button, you can browse, play and annotate any list of URLs as a slide show! It's great for content browsing, sharing, and creating unique presentations based on web content.

To Create A List

Click the "Create A List"  button in the Home » My Lists" section.   Fill in the fiields marked with an asterisk.

Tip: You can accept the automatically assigned URL or you can edit it, but keep in mind that the URL is the one option you cannot later edit.

To Add Bookmarks to your List

(A)Via toolbar

(B) Via "My Bookmarks" »  Add-to List pull down

Check off the ones you wish to add, then use the "Add to List" pull down menu to choose a list to add the checked bookmarks to.

Manage a List

(1)  List Details:   View count; Edit through More Actions pull down (4)
(2)  Section:   section is a great way to provide introduction or further divider for a list.
(3)  Arrange Order:   both bookmarks and sections can be dragged and dropped, or use (3) position menu to move to desired location
       Tip: "Edit" in the More Actions pull down  allows you to set adding new items to the end or beginning of the list. Use this to set your initial order preference
(4)  List Options: 
  • Send:  share this list (public or private) with your friends in email or to their DMS
  • Publish: post / distribute your list to other popular social sites
  • More Actions pull-down»
  • Save & Share:   save this entire list as a bookmark; Add to another list, one of your groups, and/or your contact list
  • Public View:      check out what this may look like to others before publishing
  • Print:  print out your entire list, including list details, section(s), and bookmarks with your annotations
  • Edit:    edit the description, privacy, etc.  for the list.  Everything except the URL is changeable.
  • Delete:   delete this entire list

Share a List

  • Lists are great way to display your specific collection of bookmarks and notes, and can even be played as an interactive slideshow!   So be proud of your hard work and share with your friends and colleagues, or make it public and share with the world!
  • Several ways to share your list, depending on your preference:
Via Toolbar

   (A)  Use "Share" button on the toolbar while you're on the list page.   Share it to friends by entering email(s), their diigo username, or broadcasting your list to your "Contact List"

Via List Homepage on website

   (B)  List URL:   an unique URL is shown on the upper right hand corner of each list.    Use this URL anyway that you like. 
Tip: For private list, use this secret URL to share with others but with caution. Whoever has this URL will be able to see it.
   (C)  Send:  same as the toolbar "Share" button
   (D)  Save & Addto:   not only this list is saved as a bookmark, it can also be shared to a group, another list, and  contact list.
   (E)  Publish: post / distribute your list to other popular social sites to increase the list exposure