Digital Green is a young and dynamic organization that uses tools of information and communication technology for social change. It creates enabling environments for communities to adopt new and better behaviors to bring about sustainable change in the quality of life among populations living at the base of social pyramid. In its first intervention, it demonstrated immense potential in improving the lives of small and marginal farmers in a highly cost effective manner.

This outcome has added a totally new dimension to existing behavior change communication approaches. Encouraged by such an impressive outcome, Digital Green is now set to apply this approach to select locations in various parts of the developing world.  Digital Green's technology and approach has also elicited interest in other social domains like public health, education and livelihood.

We're currently exploring additional partnerships and recruiting new members to our team.  Please see our partners and careers pages to apply.  Find out more in the about section and see our blog for the latest quarterly updates.  Also, check out The Nexus, a monthly newsletter produced by members of the Digital Green team, and the buzz about our work in the press.

We've also released an alpha version of an Analytics Dashboard that we use to manage our operations but that we've opened for anyone to know what's happening right now at Digital Green.

And to learn how the Digital Green system was developed, visit our research website.