Firebug "Scripts" tab does not work

Using Firebug 1.10.2 together with Firefox 14.0.1 I encounter the following issue:

It is sometimes not possible to navigate using the "Scripts" tab. This prevents setting breakpoints.  (See below). Note that if firebug is full-screen, then none of the "script-selector" drop-down is visible.

When this occurs, the workaround described below can be helpful:

Fortunately, when this occurs, the "Console" tab is still workable.

1. In the module you want to breakpoint, add a line of code to use console.debug() to place a new log message into the console.
2. When you gain control in Firebug, select the "Console" tab and then use the new log entry that you have created to navigate to the module of interest -- in the example below, you would navigate by selecting "qTreeDisplay.js (line 402). 
3. Firebug then transitions you to be able to set breakpoints, by default selecting the "Script" tab, with the "script-selection" drop down, pre-selected to the javascript module of interest. 

I have been able to work around the problem you described with this method.