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One Red Eye


You can find One Red Eye on Amazon, or through Barnes and Noble, or through your library, or purchase a signed copy for $10.00 (including shipping) from the author - just send Kirsten an email at:  kk@dierking.net


“When Kirsten Dierking was a 21-year-old student she was raped and almost murdered in her sorority house.  This powerful volume constitutes her search for justice and closure, as well as her effort to bring the whole episode into poetic focus.  The imagery is rich and striking, much of it unforgettable… In the last poem, there is a suggestion… of a spiritual adjustment to an impossible situation… Everybody should read this book.  Grade:  A”

Peter Thorpe, Rocky Mountain News, August 31, 2001


… Dierking spares no details in relating this experience and its aftermath.  Her honesty and courage are to be admired.  She has used language to find her way out of the darkness that the violent act thrust upon her… This gifted poet’s work is recommended for older high school students with caution because of the nature of the subject.  It would be helpful in conjunction with counseling, either group or individual, for victims of similar violent acts.  Most helpful is Dierking’s triumph over this tragedy: She went on to marry and live a productive life.  She was not stunted by this act but rather made stronger by her will to recover as seen in her brutal, yet ultimately hopeful poetry. 

Dana Vance, VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates), April 2002


 “Of the several poetry sequences written by rape victims that I have been entrusted to read, this sequence is by far the most evolved.  As a voice, it has perspective.  As poetry, it is controlled and crafted.  As a narrative, it has power and drive.”

Laurel Blossom, American Book Review, March/April 2002


"A must read”


Cynthia Scott, Minnesota Women's Press, April 11, 2001