Principles of Computer Science - 2018/2019

This course is part of the Bioinformatics program at Sapienza University of Rome. The topics covered in this course include: introduction to programming, Python 2.7, its standard library, and its use in the analysis of data.


Prof. Flavio Chierichetti


  • Tuesday 11:00-14:00 (Psicologia A, CU026)
  • Thursday 9:00-11:00 (Psicologia A, CU026)

Useful Links

  • Please subscribe to our mailing list (using your institutional email address to receive the lecture notes, to ask questions, to read answers, and to get news about the course.
  • Download Canopy 2.1.9, a software package containing Python 2.7 and a number of its libraries.



Homeworks will be given during the course - these homeworks will consist of several program-writing exercises.

If a student gets a final homework score greater than or equal 17, he or she will only have to do the oral exam in January or February.

If a student does not get a final homework score greater than or equal 17, or if a student does not pass the oral exam in January or February, he or she will have to do both a written and an oral exam. Please also note that if a student decides to do the written exam, he or she loses whichever homework score he or she obtained.

Ethical Code

Copying is forbidden, and each student has to write the homework solutions by himself or herself, and must not show the solutions to other students. On the other hand, students are encouraged to discuss approaches for solving the exercises.

The teachers will analyze all the submitted solutions, and will strongly penalize plagiarism.


  • October 8th: Computers and Programming
  • October 9th: First Steps in Python
  • October 11th: Sequences and Iterations
  • October 16th: Making Decisions
  • October 18th: Exercises