Prof. Luigi V. Mancini
Office Hours:  Wed. 9.30 - 12.30
Google Group: security
Twitter account: icsecuritydi

Next lectures taught in DISTANCE LEARNING mode

From Monday the 22th of February 2021, the Data and Network Security course will be taught in videostreaming, only during the COVID-19 emergency period, in accordance with the guidlines of the Italian Government.
Each lecture will be broadcast in videostreaming using the platform Zoom at the times specified in the official timetable published on the website.  All the students will receive an invitation email, via the official course G-group, to connect to the Zoom room reserved for the course, 15 minutes before the start of each lecture.

Course Description

The course focuses on the analysis of the problems faced in securing distributed computer systems.  Students will be introduced to the design and implementation of the most common security requirements, such as access control, authentication, confidentiality, integrity and availability. This course is part of the Master Degree in Computer Science and Cybrsecurity, and requires knowledge of programming, operating systems, distributed systems, computer networks and cryptography.


The exam consists of an oral presentation, and in submitting a report. Each student will give a seminar on a topic of their choice from a list of possible topics, and answer questions from the other students in the classroom. Students' participation in the questions&answers phase will be considered in the final grade.

Students will also have to deliver a report describing how and in what measure they intend to solve a cybersecurity problem, which can be also related to the topic of their seminar.

The final grade is calculated as follows:

 - 45% Literature Analysis and active participation

 - 45% Written security report

- 10% Active participation to Question&Answer section.