Thunder Wrestling Camp 2011 (imformation coming soon)

Welcome to the
THUNDER Wrestling Page!

If you are a wrestler or interested in becoming one, you should check out this page often. On this page you will find everything that is going on with the THUNDER wrestling program including pre-season training tips that will give you an edge on your competition this winter.


(From the 08-09 Season to the 09-10 season Our team)

We went from losing every region dual to winning every St. George Team and only losing 2 region duals.

We Went from placing last at state to placing eighth.

We went from 13 team members to  over 30.

                                                     we went from 0 individual medals at state to 4 including 2 finalists.

                                                                 WAY TO GO GUYS!!! Lets Keep up the Momentum!!


Come be a part of something special!  The Thunder Wrestling team is looking to improve on last years season with a more experienced Program altogether. Come join our team, work your hardest, and you will have something you can be proud about for the rest of your life. Participants in Our program: learn to push their limits, learn to give everything even when it's hard and they learn to be true sportsmen in both victory and defeat.
Last year we were unable to completely fill 2 teams and we still did pretty well but we want you and need you on our team. Come make our team better, come make yourself better.
 Could you be a Wrestler?

Reasons to wrestle:
To be a better Football Player (or to better any sport)
To learn a martial art (self defense)
To prove to yourself that you can do high schools most physically challenging sport.
Self Confidence
If you have any concerns about wrestling contact Coach Richins at wrichins@dhms.washk12.org

Look over the following workouts and wrestling moves. Don't just do them but work hard at them. If you do you will be ready to start the wrestling season in the winter.

Healthy weight loss
The key here is healthy. In a sport that requires so much energy and strength, why starve and dehydrate your body to make weight? Generally a wrestler will be best off being as light as he can while still having full strength. This normally means only a few pounds depending on your body mass index. It is never in an athletes' best health interest to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Begin now to lose a little weight every week over the period of the next few months, this way your body can maintain its' strength and energy while other, less prepared wrestlers are wrestling with just a portion of their potential strength.
For more insight read the following:


Keep in mind the weight brackets so you will know what weight to shoot for
After the season starts there wont be much time for weight loss so start now!
103, 112, 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 171, 189, 215, 285

Heroes of THE SPORT...
Cael Sanderson is  indisputably, the greatest collegiate wrestler in history.  He has an unprecedented record of 159 wins 0 losses. You will be well off to watch him and learn from is style. (he is also a fellow Utahn.)
check out his inspiring videos at  :

This one is really cool. Cael is instructing several different techniques. Mimic the way he does it.

(you may have to be on a home computer. Sometimes the school server doesn't allow videos).

Wrestling schedule 2010-2011

First practice                      Nov  8
First weigh in                      Nov 13
Panguitch Tournament         Dec 3/4
Dual @ Hurricane                Dec 2
Dual vs Pine View                Dec 7 (Tues)
Hurricane Tournament          Dec 10/11
Dual @ Canyon view            Dec 16
Dual vsCedar                       Jan 6
Iron Town Duals                   Jan 7/8
Dual vs Dixie                       Jan 13
Rocky mountain Rumble      Jan 14/15
Dual vs Snow Canyon          Jan 20
Pine View Tournament         Jan 21/22

This page will be changing all the time with updates and new information. Bookmark this site so  you can visit often.


Wrestling Begins Monday November 8th 2010

This year our game plan is out-work everyone before November So as you do the following keep Hurricane, Dixie, Canyon view, Cedar, Pine view, Snow canyon, Wasatch, Delta, etc... in mind and know that these matches will be here before you know it. Every workout, work like the winner is determined now, pre-season in the weight room. Because in reality most of them are!                GET READY!

Make Sure you are preparing by:
  •  Lifting Weights- It is a great challenge to wrestle someone that is twice as strong as you. Be that challenge to those you wrestle!
  • Running- A match is six minutes, how hard and how far can you run in six minutes? PUSH YOURSELF!
  • Push-ups- Although strength training in the weight room is a must, there is a certain level of toughness that only pushups can give you. Start with 100 a night in however many sets it takes. In time you will be able to do it in two sets of 50 then in time in one set of 100. (My high school coach can still do 100 in one minute) (seriously!)
  • Visualizing- wrestling is just as much a mental sport as it is a physical sport. envision yourself doing the perfect takedown. envision yourself getting out of a togh hold. It will make you better.
  • Wrestling- There is NO substitute for mat time. Even if you dont have a mat get together with someone on the team and practice takedowns and breakdowns.








  If you can work harder and add some things to your work out program
DO IT!  But be dedicated to this program and work HARD while you do it and you will be glad that you did.

Basic moves

 One of the very best workouts for wrestling is just wrestling.Look over the video clips that are posted below. Find another wrestler or just a friend who you can practice these moves with. If you are a seasoned wrestler, go over this and try to find something new to add to your arsenal of moves and practice it. If you are new to wrestling I would suggest practicing 2-3 take downs and 2-3 other moves 10 or more times every day so that they will be second nature in a few months during the season.

Double leg take down. This gives some basic and in depth looks at a few common take downs.

Once you go here, click on wrestling and there will be a wide variety of attacks and defenses you can study. Study them all you want but once again, I would suggest practicing a few takedowns and a few other moves until you've got them down very well!
Here's another one
Our Guys:

Along with the moves that are posted here and that will be posted here. Always feel free to contact Coach Richins