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In teaching, I use my experiences to explain the technique of dance. Movement is natural but should always be explored on various levels. I want to find movement that fits best on the students bodies making their dance experiences something to treasure and always remember.  Within teaching dance I offer historic parallels through classroom exercise. This is to enhance the students exposure to all aspects of the academic art form. I teach dance to enhance creative critical thinking skills. The students are allowed to define their uniqueness through inspiration and guided exploration. I teach dance students to be aware of how dance stimulates dancers and observers both intellectually and physically. I wish more than anything to integrate dance with other academic subjects such as, English, history, science, arts, and even math. Mostly I teach dance to show that dance is not just bodies moving, Its creative thinking, creative moving, and finding a creative voice.

In addition to subject matter, the DHHS faculty wants students to develop life skills such as employability, critical thinking, etc. To accomplish this, the faculty has created 4 Desired Results of Student Learning. These DRSL’s focus on skills that are lifelong and apply to all subjects and settings in and out of school. The 4 DRSL’s are Critical Thinking; Communication Skills; Personal and Social Responsibility; and Employability. We will be focusing on Employability this school year. We will measure the indicators below throughout the year and make a concerted effort to assist students in this life skill.

Employability- Focus on skills and behaviors that help students find and keep a job.


·         Punctuality- Be on time to each class

·         Display a solid work ethic- Turn assignments in on time, fulfill leadership responsibilities, participate in class discussions and activities.

·         Plan for college participation through SEOP’s, testing (ACT), Scholarship opportunities and applications.

About me:

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I attended Skyline High School where I was a member of the Skyline Dance Company for 2 years and served as the Vice President my Senior Year. I was the Dance Sterling Scholar for Skyline High School in 2002. From there I decided to take the leap to leave home and go to school to progress towards my dream of Primatology (the study of Primates). I decided to begin my adventure at SUU and begin my journey in animal sciences. Well, I had a semester of not dancing and missed it in my life and changed my major to Dance performance. After a full load of classes every semester on top of dancing at least 8 hours a day I graduated in 2006 with a BS in Dance Performance with a minor in History. I taught dance at Point O Pines in Brant Lake New York the summer of 2006 and decided that after shoulder surgery I needed another plan to add to my bucket list. I went back to school in 2007 to complete a teaching degree in Dance Education and History. Upon finishing my classes I had to opportunity to do my internship at DHHS when it first opened and here I am today! I am grateful to have a full load of classes and students here at DHHS. I have a wide variety which keeps me busy. I teach all styles of dance included social dances along with advising the ballroom club and coaching the La Ragelles Dance Company.
Aside from my love of Primates and Dance, I love to 
do anything outdoors, either on dry land (hiking, repelling, camping etc.) or in or under the water (SCUBA, water skiing, boating, fishing, ect.). I recently adopted my best friend, Niobi my English bulldog puppy. S
he keeps me my on my toes!

I am married to the love of my life Brady Pearce. My life has gone in several directions over the years. I currently own and teach at Desert Dance Theatre in Hurricane.  
If you have any questions on any of the classes I teach, you can find any information under the links below. I am most easily reached by email, I check it all day long. Please email me with any questions cpearce@dhthunder.org

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