Footlocker Race Information


Footlocker Race Information

In order to keep everyone on the cross country team motivated to run in preparation for track this spring, I would like to take as many people (including parents) to the Footlocker race on December 4, 2010 at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA which is near Los Angeles.  This is an extremely fun race which features some of the best runners in the entire west.  Everyone needs to continue running in order to build on the success we have had this year so we can improve even more for next year. 

The students will run in a race which has runners in the same grade as them.  This really helps to level out the playing field.  This meet does include a 7th/8th grade race as well as an open race for anyone over 18 years old.  Parents can run the same course as everyone else.  You can go to for more information about the race.  Any parents wanting to run the race can download an registration form from the website.

I have talked with Mr. Taylor (Principal at Desert Hills High School) and he thinks this is a great idea.  This will not be a school function per se but we would be going down as a team still (i.e. we will not be using any school district vehicles or funds).  At the last school I taught at, we would rent a charter bus and take as many runners down which usually included about 10-15 parents.  The trip does get a little pricey if we get a charter bus.  I am looking into the cost of a charter bus but think having parents who own vehicles drive or renting 15 passenger vans for a couple days would be more cost friendly.  I do not know the exact cost for the trip yet since I don’t have a definite number of how many parents and runners want to go.  I would like to keep the cost under $100.00 per person if possible.  This would include hotel rooms, gas, food, possible entrance to a museum, and only a $15 registration fee for the race.  We have enough time to do a fundraiser to help cover some of the costs if we want to do something.

The plan would be to leave immediately after school on Thursday, December 2nd and drive to California to stay in a hotel.  It is about a 6 hour drive to get there.  On Friday, December 3rd, we would go run the course and do something fun (i.e. go to the beach or a museum, etc.)  Saturday morning are the races and then we would come back to St. George late Saturday night.  The students would only miss school on Friday the 3rd.  This is not a school function so the students would need to be excused all day on Friday.

I need to know by Thursday, October 21st of how many runners and parents would like to go.   I also need to know if any parents would be willing to drive a vehicle (i.e. suburban, van).  I need a definitive head count so I figure out the exact cost for everyone and get hotel rooms squared away.  I also need the registration form returned to me by October 21st with a $15.00 check made out to Footlocker.  I will mail everyone’s registration forms together.

I would love to take as many people as we can.  This is a new tradition I would like to do every year.  It will be a lot of fun.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Logan Fielding (Head Cross Country Coach)

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