Popplet: History of Computer Technology


  • Students will be able to create a flow chart using Popplet demonstrating research conducted on significant about the history of computer technology.
I can create a flow chart demonstrating the research that I conducted about the history of computer technology.


  • CI.2- Create a project using a variety of applications and formats.

  • CI.1-Apply common software features to enhance communication with an audience and to support creativity.

  • CI.3- Illustrate a content related concept using a model, simulation or concept-mapping software.

  • RI.1- Use a variety of digital resources to locate information.

  • DC.4- Discuss possible societal impact of technology in the future and reflect on the importance of technology in the past. 


What is Popplet?

Popplet is a free online tool that allows you to create mind mapping and brainstorming diagrams.

NOTE: You may create a maximum of 5 Popplets for Free.

Step 1: Creating a Popplet Account

  • Click on Log In (upper right corner)

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  • Complete the registration from (shown below). **Don’t forget to check the box that shows you Agree With Popplet’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 


  •  Click on  Next and select Sign Me Up underneath the FREE account option.


Step 2: Creating a Flow Chart About the History of Computer Technology Using Popplet


Computer technology has advanced very quickly over the years. The term “computer”

originally referred to people. It was a job title for those who did repetitive work

with math problems. The first programmable digital computers were invented in the

1940s. They were as big as living rooms and were about as powerful as modern day

calculators. The PC, or personal computer  became prominent in the 1980s. Today 

computers are used for every thing imaginable, and the future of computers is 

guaranteed to bring many changes to modern society. For this assignment, you are 

going to be creating a flow chart, describing the history of computer technology. 

Your flow chart should be creative and have at least 20 events that occurred in 

computer technology history.  To research these events in history you may choose 

to research The History of Computer Technology on your own and/or may use one 

or all of the websites below.

1.Timeline of Computer History


Getting Started

Click here to view how to get started and how to create a new Popplet.



   Your Popplet flowchart presentation must have the following requirements:


  •  Name your Popplet History of Technology
  • A popple that contains the title of your Researched Topic (i.e. History of Computer Technology By: Your First Name).  
  • Your title should be bigger than the rest of the font sizes in your presentation.
  • A minimum of 20 (you can always have more) connected popples, each creatively describing in detail specific years and events that occurred in history about Computer Technology (In your own words).
  • Each popple and connector in your flow chart should be colorful and creative looking with different font styles, sizes and colors.
  • You should then use Google Images to search for an image about each historical event. Once you find an image, right click on the image->Save Image As and save each image to your My Documents folder with the specific year as the title. 
  • For each Popple insert a picture that represents the specific event that has occurred in technological history.


 Step 3: Saving & Exporting Your Completed Popplet

Once you are finished with your Popplet (15 chosen years and events that have occurred in the history of technology) you will need to Export and Save your Popplet as a JPEG file. To do this, follow the directions below.

  • Click on the Settings button (The button that looks like a gear) and select Save.
  • Click on the Settings button (The button that looks like a gear) and select Export.
  • Select Export as Jpeg.
  • The folder you need to save your Popplet to is your My Documents folder. Make sure that you have selected your My Documents folder when the Save As pop-up appears.
  • Name your file History of Technology Popplet and click on Save. 
 Step 4: Creating a Digital Timeline Presentation Using Your Popplet
 You will now move on to the next assignment Photo Peach: Digital Timelineby clicking here or by selecting it on the sidebar underneath 6th Grade.