Meet Mrs. Hipke

This is NOT a math class.
This is a class in SUCCESS TRAINING using math as the tool.
Your success in this room is your CHOICE entirely.
Make the right choices!
Choices you make will impact your future.

Thank you for visiting. 

I am Mrs. Elisabeth Hipke (Paffhausen). 

This is my fourth year in the district and I LOVE working with the staff and students!

Should you or your student have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

or call the school at 313 203 3300

I have been teaching since 2005. I graduated from the University of Michigan - Dearborn and have a master's degree in education and two bachelor's degrees. I have a Professional Teaching Certificate and am certified to teach both mathematics and history.

I am the SAT Prep Teacher for the math portion. I teach Geometry and Algebra as well! I love doing projects with my students.

I also am a credit recovery teacher and summer school teacher and an ARO teacher. 

I am on the Principal's Advisory Team, MTSS Committee (part of PBIS), the Mastery Learning Committee, and the Kidney Foundation Committee.

I have a loving husband and an awesome shelter pup Barney. 

Mrs. Hipke and Barney

Important Info About My Classes:
- Students have the last day of the week to turn in all the items required for the week. (prior Fri - Thurs due on Fri)
- Retakes are allowed on tests IF student completes the retake packet within 5 days of the test.
- I am available to tutor students before school, after school (except on Fridays), and during MP2 (Tues-Thurs).
- I do NOT accept late work. Students may go to ARO to turn in work for that 2 week period covered by ARO.
- Students are given guided notes. I do not collect these. Students should use them as a study tool.
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