Open Classrooms

Classroom 1
Junior College/ H2CLL
Lu Han Lin
Dunman High School
(Senior Teacher/ Chinese) 
Secondary/ Mathematics 
Fang Chye Pin
Dunman High School
(Senior Teacher/ Mathematics)
Making Thinking Visible in Mathematics Class
Classroom 3

Secondary/ ACE

Lim Bee Kee

Dunman High School

                (Senior Teacher/ Social Studies

Developing Critical Thinking Through Deliberation Of Controversial Issues

Secondary/ Geography

Galistan Homer Shan

Dunman High School

(Lead Teacher/ Geography)

Uncovering 'the Geography' in what

we teach using MTV

Junior CollegeProject Work
Daniel Seng
Dunman High School
(Teacher/ History
Revolutionary Evolution -
Generation of Ideas in Project Work
Classroom 6
Lam Non Har Serene
Dunman High School
(SSD/ Biology)
5Es Biology Lesson