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SIA "DHS" is the official Finnish company's Soft Protector Ltd production distributor in Latvia. We offer high quality innovative products "SOFTCARE", "HYGISOFT" and "DESISOFT".

SIA "DHS" is the official "DO2 Deo Crystal Spray" distributor in Latvia.

In today's chemical world is increasing demand for products that do not contain harmful impurities. As distributors with manufacturers we stand for products that are friendly for the nature and consumer and we want to show the way to the clean environment and safe use of  products.

"SOFTCARE" is high-quality innovative care and protective products. They have gained a high reputation and recognition not only in the Nordic countries, but also all across the World. "Softcare" is already well known and popular in Latvian market. "Softcare" product range is constantly under development.  Currently we offer care and protective products for furniture, textiles, clothing, carpets, leather, wood, plastic, glass, crystal and other surfaces. We also sell professional products for carpet and furniture manufacturers and cleaning service companies. We provide  professional surface protection treatment with "Softcare" protector.

"HYGISOFT" and "DESISOFT" is a new generation disinfectant family. These are  very efficient, multipurpose disinfectants with wide range applications and very fast action, even at low concentrations. Disinfectants are alcohol-free, odourless, non mutogenic, environmental friendly, non allergenic, non corrosive for waterproof surfaces and safe in use.  Provides protection against viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores, algae and mold. Products are suitable for hand and skin disinfection as well as instrument, surface and premises disinfection. "Hygisoft" and "Desisoft" provides long-lasting protection wherever is necessary environment free from micro-organisms - in hospitals and public health institutions, beauty, agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, veterinary medicine, animal farms, slaughterhouses, food production and processing, feed and agricultural warehousing, transport, kitchens and staff personal hygiene and household and other application areas. We provide professional disinfection treatment for farms, warehouses, cold stores, greenhouses and other facilities with thermo fogger Pulsfog.

"DO2 Deo Crystal Spray" is deodorant created by the nature, which has received high appreciation in Europe and has become a great alternative to traditional deodorants. Suitable for people with sensitive and problematic skin. Does not contain any harmful chemicals, alcohol, preservatives, perfumes and other impurities. 100% natural, mineral product with a very high efficiency, long duration of action and a wide ran of applications.


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  • Softcare Polishing Wax – A new product, Softcare Polishing Wax, has been included in the growing series of Softcare furniture care products.Softcare Polishing Wax cleans, polishes and removes really small, insignificant scratches from ...
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