Dragonfly Navigator is a file manager for Windows and Linux. It is designed to be fast, simple and obvious to use.

Current version is 1.0.4.
Download Windows version here.
Download Linux version here. (64 bit only). To install: Unpack archive (e.g. to home folder). To run: cd to the DragonflyNavigator directory and then run ./DragonflyNavigator. Desktop integration of the install is coming...

Dragonfly Navigator is distributed under the GPLv3 license. It is written by Henrik Harmsen (henrik@harmsen.se).

Development page is at https://github.com/suncore/dflynav. If you want to help develop Dragonfly Navigator, you're welcome with suggestions or code... 

User interface: (Note the job queue at the bottom of the window. You can always continue working while jobs are running.)