I first started drawing cartoons freehand at 9 years old, where I basically tried to recreate the image on paper. I originally drew this Beauty and the Beast picture at age 17, so by this time I had developed my cartoon skills.

At 14, though, I turned my attention to faces. This picture of Bill Cosby was one of the first portraits I ever drew, and I was quite happy with it! The proportions were fairly accurate, and my family could look at it and recognize who it was! But I was still in the cartoon mode and hadn't learned about the whole "shading" concept.

This poor self portrait was done at age 19. As you can see, not much had changed from 5 years earlier.

So I flipped through a few "teach yourself to draw" books and finally picked up a few things about shading. By 22, I was doing a little bit better. Her eyes and hair were a little off though. (On MY drawing!)

Age 21

Age 23, Maya Angelou was the first time I tried charcoal...not too bad.

Hemingway came shortly after Maya, and I must say that this is the one I'm most proud of. Yeah, his face was too long and not wide enough, but hey, what can you do?

I drew this picture at 24 on a road trip cross country.
(My hand was pretty steady despite the bumps in the road!)