What to Pack???

Packing for Washington DC


  • Bring clothes for each day of your trip.  Pack what you will need to use before hotel check-in time in your carry-on bag (or backpack) for the first day.
  • Be prepared for weather extremes, such as rain or wind with cooler than expected temperatures.  To help you in planning clothes for the trip, average temperatures in Washington, DC during the month of May are a high of 75 and a low of 52 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Students may wear comfortable clothing appropriate for touring and during most of the trip; fingertip-length shorts, jeans without holes, and normal school attire are required.  Please wear comfortable walking shoes.  (Students who wear flip flops usually get painful blisters). 


  • Rain gear/Umbrella
  • Sweater and/or jacket
  • Pajamas

PERSONAL ITEMS                                                                         OTHER (some are optional)

Backpack or carry-on bag for bus ride                               Spending money (snacks, souvenirs, etc.)

Soap/deodorant                                                               Watch

Shampoo                                                                        Camera/Film

Comb/brush                                                                    Notebook for DC journals/pencil

Medication (if needed)                                                      Book

Toothbrush/toothpaste                                                     Travel games

Small pillow and blanket for the bus ride

Once your luggage is stowed under the motor coach, you will not have access to items packed inside until hotel check-in.  On the final day of the trip, you will not be able to get in your luggage until you arrive at home.  Make sure all you need (camera and film, money, medicine, a change of clothes, etc.) is in your carry-on bag or backpack that you take on the bus.


Trip participants assume full responsibility for any valuables brought along on the trip. Unless there is a room safe, DO NOT leave valuables in your hotel room while touring. Even though the motorcoach will generally be locked when the group or the driver is not on board, it is recommended you leave any valuables not needed on the trip at home.


Don't forget spending money to purchase souvenirs, snacks, and miscellaneous items.


  • Portable DVD Players
  • Laptops
  • High Caffeine Drinks (Rock Star, Monster, Mountain Dew, etc...)
  • Bathing Suits (There is no time for swimming)
  • Anything remotely resembling a weapon or look-alike

You must be able to carry all of your own luggage, possibly up stairs.