Earth Science

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Course: Earth Science

Teachers: Ms. Baese, Mr. Teddy,  Mr. Kimmey

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Earth Science introduces the study of astronomy, geology, meteorology, and oceanography. Course topics will integrate physical science concepts and lab skills as they pertain to the study of Earth Science.  Students learn through labs, projects, individual and group study. Students investigate the relationships between the following: water cycle, rock cycle, plate tectonics, seismic events, and the earth in its solar system. Students will also investigate how human interactions have changed the earth and what this means for the future.

Text: Earth Science (Tarbuck, Lutgens)

Duration: Students will be enrolled in freshman earth science for the entire year.

Prerequisite: None

Course of Study
Lab Techniques and Methods
Mapping and Orienteering
Resources & Energy
Dynamic Earth
Fluid Earth and Climate
Culminating Project (This must be completed by the assigned deadline.  There are no makeups for this assignment.)

Syllabus: Course Outline

ESS Syllabus 2010-11

Course Calendar: This calendar will represent a rough goal for our classes to stay on task.  I will update it as often as possible but often changes occur throughout the school day altering the daily events in class.

Earth Science

Table of Contents:

Earth Science B: Table of Contents

Culminating Project Format

Culminating Project Format