Welcome to Central Elementary!

About Central Elementary

Central Elementary School serves over 500 students, grades three through five, in the Dexter Public School District.  Our instructional staff strives to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment that inspires our students to work hard, think critically, and do their best in all that they do.  Our goal is to ensure that all students are successful at Central and have what they need to reach their full potential.

Inspired by the strategies of master teacher Ron Clark, Central has adopted a "house" system to encourage and reward positive behavior.  Students are sorted into ten different houses, each with a mixture of students (and teachers) from each grade level.  Members of a house work together, providing positive role models that encourage good work habits, positive participation in school activities, good citizenship, and attendance at school.  House points are rewarded for student attendance and achieving their Accelerated Reader point goal; house points are deducted for discipline issues.  At the end of each quarter, a house winner is declared, with the members of each house receiving rewards and recognition for their achievement.  Following the first year of its implementation, Central has seen a noticeable drop in discipline issues.  We hope to build on the success of this program throughout the school year!

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