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Little Panthers Preschool

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Little Panthers Preschool serves three to five year old children in a multi-age learning environment. The preschool is based on the High/Scope approach which focuses on active learning, where children learn through direct, hands-on experiences with people,objects,events, and ideas.

To be eligible to attend Little Panthers Preschool, children must be three years of age by September 1, and fully potty trained.

Little Panthers Preschool is a half day program. 

Preschool tuition payments are due the first of every month from September – April. Checks may be made payable to DeWitt Community Ed and may be dropped off at the Community Education office located at FECC.

Please let us know if you are interested in an automatic deduction option using your credit/debit card.

Enrolling preschoolers must be 3 years old and fully potty trained by September 1st. Our preschool selection is based on a lottery system. You do not need to be a DeWitt resident to apply for Little Panthers Preschool.

For more information on the High Scope Curriculum, please see the Preschool Parent Handbook. 


Little Panther Preschool

Class Options & Tuition Cost

  • 2 Day AM                                             
  • Tuesday & Thursday, 8-11 a.m.                       $124/month ($1117/year)
  • 3 Day AM                                                             Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 8-11 a.m                    $192/ month ($1661/ year)
  • 4 Day AM                                                     Monday - Thursday, 12-3                                    $245/ month ($2085/year)
  • 4 Day PM  -2 sessions                                       Monday - Thursday, 8-11                                  $245/month ($2085/year)
  • Enrollment Application Fee- $50.00
  • Registration Fee -$75.00
*K.I.D.S. Childcare  will be available for all sessions of Little Panthers beginning in the fall with limited space. 
Enrollment for the K.I.D.S. Child Care Program is now closed.

*Please note the K.I.D.S. Childcare is a separate program from LPPS and has separate fees* 

*Important Contact Information*

Mrs. Lisa Samson, preschool teacher, 517-668-3475

Mrs. Tina Gust, preschool teacher,668-3468


Preschool Documents

Lesson Plans

Little Panthers Preschool at Schavey Road Elementary
For registration call 668-3460

Tax ID#: G38-600-1000
Please retain your monthly receipts. End of year reports will not be provided.

Payment Receipts

 Parents can log into their community education account to print a receipt at: www.dewittschools.net

Click  “Community Education”

Click “Courses”

Click “Online Course Catalog”

Click “Sign In" or "Create  Account"


If staff is requested to provide this information, a fee of $2/page will be charged. This includes making copies, or providing you with overall totals, for the year.

*Tax statements are not provided.