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In preparation for the Spring issue, I spoke with Matt Cullen and Mark Wallace of Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. Spirits were high as they described work on the Uniroyal Promenade and celebrated the USA Today win for best Riverwalk in the country. 

Matt helped found the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy 20 years ago and his pride in it is obvious. He spoke about what turning industrial sites into publicly accessible parkland and walkways means to his family and the city. That residents and visitors can park anywhere along the waterfront and walk for miles of connected greenspace and paths is no small feat.

Then, Mark recounted the previous evening, when he and his family ate pizza and watched the sunset on the Detroit River. The opportunities for special moments like this are endless. 

Unsurprisingly, Riverwalk usage increased 20% last year and Dequindre Cut usage increased 40%. These spaces were lifesaving for our family. When anxious about the pandemic, suffering from cabin fever and attempting to safely entertain two small children, we escaped to the Riverwalk. 

With spring’s arrival, my mind turns to Graham and Maggie romping through the sand at Valade Park and climbing the hill at Milliken State Park. We’re anticipating the eventual completion of the Uniroyal Promenade, culminating in 3.5 miles of continuous Riverwalk. Dotted with restaurants and breweries that are now, slowly, expanding their openings, days on the Detroit riverfront are looking bright.

We will keep you up to date on ongoing riverfront projects. There is truly no Riverwalk like the Detroit International Riverwalk. Hope to see you there!

Lauren McGregor
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John Minnis

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