Detroit Lakes K-12 Curriculum

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Curriculum Philosophy

Curriculum is the foundation of teaching and learning. It describes what will be taught, where it will be taught, when it will be taught and how/when it will be assessed. District policy states that within the ongoing process of curriculum development, the following needs shall be addressed:

1. Provide for articulation of courses of study from kindergarten through grade twelve.

2. Identify minimum objectives for each course and at each elementary grade level.

3. Provide for continuing evaluation of programs for the purpose of attaining school district objectives.

4. Provide a program for ongoing monitoring of student progress.

5. Provide for specific, particular and special needs of all members of the student community.

6. Meet all requirements of the Minnesota Department of Education

An effective educational program is contingent upon continuity and coordination of instruction and curriculum. Curriculum development and improvement are based on several factors: The philosophy of education and goals established by the Board of Education, the needs and interests of children, the needs of the community and of society, current research concerning human development and the ways individuals learn.