• Greetings from the art department ,Mr.THOMAS  STINGL.I have been teaching at DeSoto High /Middle School for  29 years, am presently the High and Middle School yearbooks advisor. In the years I have been at De Soto ,I have coached  high school football , been middle school wrestling coach as well as head wrestling coach in the high school .I myself enjoy teaching and continue my own work in the  visual arts.
I live in La Crosse and have two children ,Elizabeth and Nicholas and have been married to Sandra for over 33 years.I graduated with my Masters in Education from the University of La Crosse in 1998 and continue my education with an additional 52 graduates credit in art,education and technology.Myself and my wife comes from large families-I am  the eldest of 7 children and my wife is one of 10 children, both of us  graduation from Aqiunas High School and both are teachers.