What is the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System?

The primary purpose of the Wisconsin Framework for Educator Effectiveness is to support a system of continuous improvement of educator practice that leads to improved student learning.  The Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness (EE) System is a comprehensive, performance-based evaluation system for teachers and principals using multiple measures across two main areas: professional practice and student outcomes.

  • The system was developed by and for Wisconsin educators.
  • The system balances professional practice with student outcomes; each counting for half of an educator’s overall rating.
  • The evaluation frameworks align to the 2011 InTASC standards for teachers, and the 2008 ISLLC standards for principals.

When will this system be implemented?

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) began small developmental pilots in 2012-13 with over 600 educators. The pilot will expand in 2013-14 to include approximately an additional 1,200 educators. The system will be implemented statewide in the 2014-15 school year.


Why was the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System developed?

Teachers and principals make a tremendous difference in                      student performance. In fact, research confirms that teacher and principal effectiveness are the two most important school factors influencing student achievement.


How is De Soto Area Schools participating?

In 2013-14 we are participating in the DPI’s “Full Pilot.”  The Full Pilot has limited participation of 7.  We are conducting the district pilot with four administrators and three teachers to prepare for implementation in 2014-15.

All teachers and administrators are required to watch:

Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness—Key Facts           http://ee.dpi.wi.gov/files/ee/pdf/EE_key_facts.pdf

Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System                           http://ee.dpi.wi.gov/

Overview of the System—Educator Effectiveness         http://ee.dpi.wi.gov/eesystem/guiding-principles

Teacher Evaluation—Educator Effectiveness  http://ee.dpi.wi.gov/teacher/teacher-evaluation

Educator Effectiveness—Evaluation and Feedback  http://ee.dpi.wi.gov/files/ee/pdf/IB14_EvaluationFeedback.pdf


The Framework for Teaching—Charlotte Danielson  http://www.danielsongroup.org/userfiles/files/downloads/2013EvaluationInstrument.pdf

Danielson Four Domains Framework                                                           Four Domains Framework

Wisconsin & Teachscape Partnership http://www.teachscape.com/states/wisconsin.html

Teachscape                                                   http://ee.dpi.wi.gov/support/teachscape


What are SLO’s (Student Learning Objectives)            

Student Learning Objectives—SLO’s Defined     http://ee.dpi.wi.gov/slo/defined