Creating a Network of Educational Possibilities
In an effort to support successful educational opportunities that exceed traditional boundaries.

Providing a Centralized Student Center
A place where non-profit educational programs can promote their educational opportunities 
for all within the community.

Promoting a Love of Life Long Learning
Learning does not end with High School or College.  All learning from the technical to the absurd that sparks 
interest and intrigue is honored in an effort to encourage curiosity that spans a person's entire life

            • Educational Programs that support the Academic Growth of Learners
            • Educational Programs within the Arts
            • Educational Programs that facilitate Special Needs
            • Educational Programs providing Alternative Learning Opportunities


The DERCC actively supports community-based academic, vocational, recreational, and cultural opportunities.  DERCC programs accommodate students of all ages, races, cultures, learning styles, abilities, and skill levels, regardless of gender or religious affiliation.


The DERCC provides ongoing support including technical expertise, training, and publicity for all DERRC sponsored programs.  
Financial, material and technical resources are derived from individuals, business, corporate and community, contributions.