Lease the Center

The Student Center is available for other non-profits and educational programs to lease.


As a student center sponsored by Desiderata School Inc., the primary goal of REMIX is to provide a learning environment conducive to independent Study and small study groups.

The center offers 3 separate learning zones, a small classroom space for sponsors to work with 2-3 students, and a large garage play area. 

The center boasts a curriculum and educational activity resource library in addition to SAT/ACT, Financial Aid and College resources. 

Additionally, students may use our onsite laptops and high-speed internet.

The center provides students with resources they need to meet their educational goals.


Center Usage:
The center is available for use by organizations that promote community & education. Below are details aboutCenter Usage Fees.
Partial day usage is described as one of the following
· Morning: 7:00am – 11:00am
· Afternoon: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
· Evening: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Single Classroom Usage Fee: 
Partial Day usage for  Non-Profit is $25.00 
                                          For-Profit is  $40.00

Full Day usage - morning and afternoon
                                   Non-Profit is $45.00 
                                   For-Profit is  $65.00

Full Day usage + evening
                                           Non-Profit is $65.00 
                                           For-Profit $80.00

Available Rooms:
    • Large Classrooms (2)
    • Library
    • Garage

Full Center Usage: Access to the entire center, is billed at rate of 1 ½ of the Single Classroom Usage pricing rates.

Additional Fees: $25.00 (refundable cleaning deposit)

Cleaning Deposit will be returned by check within 3 business days after inspection of the facility. Fee will be retained if the center is not left in the condition indicated by the usage agreement. A notice of what was done to bring the center back up to required standards will be sent in place of the return of the deposit.