Credit Recovery

Desiderata Schools, an accredited private school working through the REMIX Student Center, has partnered with Twin Peaks Charter School to offer credit recovery for courses required by Twin Peaks that are not traditionally offered by Public Schools.  

Working closely with Twin Peaks counselling office,  our courses have been tailored
to line-up with the courses taught at Twin Peaks during the traditional school year.  

This year we will be offering for credit recovery:
            • Classical English 1a
            • Classical English 1b
            • Western Civ. 1a
            • Western Civ. 1b

The courses offered are linked to an associated website which can be visited by clicking on the links below:


One time fee: $290.00/per course.  Includes course work, instruction and official transcript sent to Twin Peaks upon completion. If you are unable to make full payment at time of enrollment, DSi offers a payment plan detailed below:

Payment Plans:
    June: $100.00
    July: $100.00
    August: $90.00

ALL FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL in order for Desiderata to award credit and forward transcripts to Twin Peaks


A nine week program.
Tuesday's and Thursday's 

Sessions Run from:
9:00 - 11:00
11:00 - 1:00

*Students needing both semesters of one subject may require additional time to complete recovery course requirements.