Self- Paced Programs

AT DESIDERATA students learn new material at their own personal pace for each subject and progress in one subject is not unnecessarily limited by current performance in others.

Our self-paced program is designed to:
  • Encourage students to learn self-motivation
  • Reduce stress associated with school
  • Enhance teamwork skills
  • Build self-confidence
Because life situations must sometimes take precedence over course work, our format allows students the freedom to make the most of highly productive and focused learning periods, and to concentrate on personal concerns when necessary to overcome life’s challenges 
and succeed.

“We are breaking away from the traditional patterns of schooling into something new, something that allows each individual mind to work and learn its own individual way.”

Desiderata Graduate Erin Kelly
Address to the graduating class

"Desiderata’s self-paced program gave my son Jim the best tools he needed for learning. No more failing grades, no more frustrated evenings trying to memorize lists of visual spelling words. Instead, we found both great teaching and academics. I highly recommend Desiderata to all parents and kids frustrated with their current educational program."

Parent of Desiderata Graduate
Nationally Recognized Author