Independent Study Defined

DESIDERATA defines “Independent Study” as an alternative instructional strategy, not an alternative curriculum. Students work independently, according to a written agreement and under the general supervision of Desiderata School Staff. 

Independent study students use Desiderata School approved curriculum and meet the graduation requirements of Desiderata School. 

The Independent Study Program offers students the flexibility to meet individual student needs, interests, and styles of learning. 

Seat Time vs. Study Time

SEAT TIME - Traditional schooling programs take attendance as a means of determining whether a student may receive credit for a specific course. Unexcused or even too many excused absences can lead to a child failing a course, even if they have met the grade/assignment requirements.

STUDY TIME - Due to Desiderata's Independent Study nature, we follow compulsory attendance laws, that indicate how much time a student must spend, annually, in academic learning & pursuits.