Welcome to Desiderata School!

Grades 5-12
(Grades K-4 available, stipulations apply)


Year Round Enrollment

Low Student to Teacher Ratio

Many Curriculum Styles/Options 

Proficiency Based

Home School Support

Co-Enrollment Options Available

Desiderata School is an accredited, private school with home offices in Longmont, Colorado.

We specialize in treating students as individuals and have administered self-paced, proficiency-based programs for over 20 years. Our personalized programs offer valuable opportunities for all students and have consistently proven particularly successful for a variety of learning styles.

While enrolled at Desiderata, your child receives the personal attention he or she deserves.  A curriculum is designed by Desiderata School staff, in cooperation with the family, because they know their child's needs and goals best.

By utilizing small classrooms and a maximum 10:1 student:teacher ratio, Desiderata retains the ability to adapt programs on-the-fly to best meet the needs of your child.