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DESIDERATA SCHOOL INC. is under the umbrella of the Desiderata Educational Research and Resource Corporation, a non-profit 501c3. The DERRC, in accordance with its stated mission and purpose, maintains a “Student Center”.

The DERRC Student Center is open to and available to all students of Desiderata School year-round and is the preferred meeting place of Desiderata staff and their students. The DERRC maintains an art supply center, science lab materials, a small library, and access to laptop computers as well as meeting areas and classrooms.

DESIDERATA SCHOOL INC. does not maintain a “school building" as Desiderata School Inc. is for all intents and purposes an administrative office only; in which a student’s records are maintained, curriculum is distributed, and students are connected with their student sponsors. If families choose to have students work on site, classes and groups meet at Red Apple Education Center (2051 Terry, Longmont).


“Desiderata is a gem of a school for students who need individual, supportive attention and a small school, caring environment.  The school is designed to help catch students up to grade level and to challenge them to go ahead of grade level.  The program is designed so that they can learn using all their interests as a guide to choosing their curriculum.  The school is also very involved in helping the community such as field trips where the students work at a food bank, or guest speakers that show the students how to help with the local wildlife.  Each student feels real support by this tight school community, not only from the teachers but also from the other students.  I would highly recommend this school.” 

-Lisa Bane, CASA Support